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Art continues to glow after the sky has darkened. This is exactly the feeling we experience after having
seen the engravings of Brigitte Kernaléguen. Her creations arise from the osmosis between the perception of the world which surrounds her, constructive thought, and the hand which holds the point. Added is the alchemy of a sure choice of inherited "savoir-faire" and technique.
The fruit of faraway coasts and surging seas, laughter and tears, memories of her childhood Brittany.
These resurge (resurface) in the contour of a face, a wind-blown strand of hair, a perceptive gaze. Each personnage bears the imprint of this truth derived from a sollicitude for observation of each of us and his particular personal history.
Do not look for that which breathes life into her work, it is the downwindDorothy Christie
Mario Urbanet
(translated by Dorothy Christie)
the artist
pjL 2012/2022
In 1980, she was graduated at the Art School of Brest. While working as a graphic designer, she taughed in a drawing and engraving studio in Brittany (Brest & Quimper). In 1989, she arrived in Paris and frequent Alain Cazalis’ Studio to the College of Applied Arts Duppéré. She dedicates herself completely to the engraving.
Galerie de Bretagne at Quimper (Finistere)